TabSuit PU Leather Case for 7” Dragon Touch A10 Tablet / Touch

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Notice: This case only fits for Dragon Touch A10 Tablet, NOT for the A13 Tablet.

Take Care of Your Dragon Touch
There is no doubt about vulnerability when we talk about tablets. Tablet computers are fragile, and their touch screens can easily become damaged. Also, 7” tablets are portability-oriented so thery
are smaller in size which portability mean that the tablets are handled more,
further increasing the risk of an accident.

High quality PU-leather gives you the best grasp ever and guarantees smooth touching-feedback. Moreover, the leather layer keeps stains, dusts, fluids, and other unwanted troubles away. When you take your Dragon Touch out from the case, it will always look brand new!

Protect your data
Auto-securing magnetic flap is equipped to enhance security of your information. Close the lid, lock your tablet, protect your data. Closing the lid is no more difficult than turning your hand over. The magnetic flap does a great job on holding the lid to the right position and covers the whole screen. Your tablet will look like a hardbound book, only lighter and filled with much more information and functions.

Free your hand
Tired of holding your tablet while watching video? Want to show your friend something cool in your hand during video chatting? Although the tablet it self is light and easy to use, holding it in your hand for a long time may still make you uncomfortable. The well designed stand releases your hands and provides the best angle for watching, browsing and video chatting. Just let it stand there and be comfortable!

Ease of use
The elegant design of this leather case gives you every degree of freedom to use the tablet. Our designer put much thought into this leather case to make it easy to use. Every function key, slot, touch button is more than easy to access as if the leather case is invisible while it is actually well-protecting your device!

TabSuit PU Leather Case for 7” Dragon Touch A10 Tablet / Touch Screen Computer [By TabletExpress] (Purple)

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